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Virtually every house in the greater DFW area features a driveway, which, over time, may crack, particularly if it was poorly installed. In several cities across the DFW region, numerous homes are quite old and may require driveway maintenance. Due to the numerous cracks and uneven slabs, a concrete overlay, refinishing, resealing, or repair work may be necessary, or even a completely new driveway.

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Our contractors possess the expertise to design a broad range of concrete driveways, from plain grey flat-poured styles to the more stylish and colorful stamped varieties. If you are weary of your current driveway or desire a fresh look, we can overlay it with a stamped design that will elevate the facade of your home to the top in the neighborhood.

We offer a diverse selection of styles for driveway installation and can help you determine which one suits your residence best. We also specialize in asphalt, stone, and brick driveways, and our stamped concrete driveways can simulate the appearance of stone or brick while being easier to maintain. Contact us for a complimentary quote.

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Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

When you are installing a concrete driveway, there are several things that you should be aware of.

Merely selecting concrete as the material for your driveway is just the beginning of the decision-making process. While concrete driveways boast appealing looks and require minimal maintenance, the installation process is intricate and entails various factors to be taken into account. These include choosing the appropriate mix design, considering the local weather conditions, determining the required thickness, establishing a realistic budget, exploring various aesthetic designs, figuring out how to reinforce the driveway to prevent cracks, and more. All these elements can significantly influence your choice of a contractor to complete the job. By the end of this article, you should be better informed about the installation procedure, which will aid you in finding the right contractor. For more information, feel free to call us at (972)784-8142.

Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX
Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

Mix of Concrete

If you’re looking for the most ideal concrete mix, air-entrained concrete should be your top choice. Essentially, this type of concrete contains a small proportion of added air, which creates tiny air bubbles within the material. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in the long term as it helps to prevent cracks from forming during colder weather. In fact, the repeated cycles of freezing and thawing can inflict significant damage on a driveway; however, if you opt for air-entrained concrete, water can enter these tiny air bubbles during such cycles. As a result, there’s less internal pressure, which reduces the amount of cracking that typically occurs. For those residing in colder climates, it is recommended to request that your contractor use concrete that is roughly 6% air.

Things to Consider

Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

If you anticipate that your concrete driveway will be subjected to heavy traffic, then it’s essential to select concrete that is capable of withstanding substantial pressure. In terms of compressive strength, it is advisable to request concrete that has a rating of 4000 psi or higher. Additionally, the thickness and stiffness of the concrete slab, also known as its “slump,” should be around four inches. If it exceeds five inches, you may encounter issues with the finish down the line. Are you concerned about water pooling on your driveway? To ensure optimal drainage, your driveway should slope towards the street at a rate of 1/8 inch per foot, instead of sloping towards your home or other structures. If this arrangement isn’t feasible, consider installing a drain to collect any standing water. For an additional opinion, you can contact us at (972)784-8142.

Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

Concrete Patterns and Joints

When it comes to designing your driveway, consider incorporating joints as they can significantly increase its lifespan. In essence, a joint refers to a pre-planned crack in the driveway. If you reside in an area with cold temperatures, having control joints can help ensure that any cracking occurs in a designated area rather than randomly. Control joints can be created in fresh concrete using grooving tools or with a saw after the concrete has hardened sufficiently. However, in hot weather, saws are preferable to grooving tools, which can induce cracks. It’s important to note that joints should only be cut to a depth of one-quarter of the slab thickness or less. Moreover, patterns that create triangles or rectangles should be avoided. If you desire a more visually appealing look, you can collaborate with your contractor to develop jointing patterns that you both agree on.

Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

Reinforcing Concrete

If your driveway is expected to endure heavy car traffic, steel is a reliable material for reinforcement. Despite this, steel reinforcement does not entirely prevent cracking, but it can restrict the spread of cracks in the event that they occur. Another option for reinforcement is wire mesh. However, in both cases, it’s crucial to place blocks beneath the reinforcements to ensure they remain centered.

Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

Concrete Finish

To ensure a driveway has a smooth finish, it’s important to avoid any bleed water, which occurs when water rises to the surface of the concrete mix. This can damage the appearance of the driveway. To achieve a finished look, the concrete needs to be leveled with a screed tool, and bleed water must be prevented using a bull-float. Afterward, the driveway can be stamped with a design or swept with a broom to enhance traction. If desired, dyes or stains can be added to a broom-finished driveway for decorative purposes. However, driveways designed for aesthetics are typically not finished with a broom.

Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

Concret Curing

Finishing may seem like the final step, but there’s one more critical task to ensure the durability of a concrete driveway: curing. Curing helps the concrete withstand the impact of fluctuating weather conditions. There are several ways to cure concrete, such as covering it with plastic sheets or curing blankets, which require wetting. Alternatively, it can be regularly sprinkled with water. Regardless of the covering method, a curing compound must be applied to the top of the concrete, forming a “membrane.” This liquid solution is typically used as the curing compound.

Feeling overwhelmed by now? Frankly, I did too while jotting all of this down. However, opting to hire a contractor instead of attempting to tackle this on your own can save you a lot of hassle. Plus, it’ll ultimately save you money if everything is executed correctly. With a reliable contractor, you’ll hopefully end up with a sturdy and weather-resistant driveway. Ultimately, the success of your driveway installation depends on the professionals you choose to do the job. At least now, armed with all this knowledge, you’ll be better prepared and have plenty of relevant questions to ask potential contractors.

Frisco Concrete and Masonry contractors - Frisco TX
Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX