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This page will guide you through the concrete pouring procedures employed by our company in different construction projects.

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Although we will only present three examples, they are excellent illustrations of how our concrete company can assist you in realizing your construction project. So, don’t hesitate to contact our staff today.

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Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

Process of Pouring

The primary responsibility of a concrete company is to deliver and pour concrete into a specified area as per the client’s requirements. They prepare the necessary concrete mix and use their concrete mixer truck to transport and pour the concrete at the designated location.
It is important to note that the concrete company does not undertake the task of constructing the forms or determining the specific dimensions of the concrete structure. This responsibility falls on the construction company that has been hired or the client themselves, as they can create the forms and dimensions on their own.
In addition to basic pouring services, concrete companies may offer specialized pouring options that cater to different project requirements. It is advisable to seek professional guidance to select the most suitable package for the project.
Having understood the role and services offered by a concrete company, let’s explore some examples of how it can be utilized to create concrete structures.

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Frisco Concrete and Masonry Contractors - Frisco TX

Pouring of Patios

When pouring a large amount of concrete over an unstable soil surface for a patio, the task can be quite challenging. To accomplish this, either the construction company or the client must dig a hole of the desired size for the sidewalk. Loose stones are then laid to create a solid base for pouring the concrete, assuming that the soil beneath will be soft.
To prevent cracking of the concrete, wood is placed around the perimeter of the sidewalk area to form its shape. Additionally, construction workers may place mesh underneath the concrete pour to enhance its strength and shock absorption, as concrete is a weak composite. If cost-saving is a concern, one can choose to forego the concrete mesh and instead request the concrete company to create joints in the patio to prevent cracking.

The concrete company will supply the required concrete mix depending on the project specifications and pour it into the designated area. The surface of the patio is leveled and smoothed out using screed stakes or shovels.
After a day of drying, the form used for shaping the patio is removed. In cases where no mesh was used, joints will be created by the construction company to avoid cracking.

Pouring for Stairs

If you’re looking to have concrete stairs installed, hiring a concrete company is a smart choice. The process of pouring concrete for stairs is similar to creating concrete blocks, but without reinforcement materials to prevent cracking.
To begin, the concrete company will create a form in the shape of the stairs you desire. Then, they will pour their concrete mixture into the form and allow it to set for at least 24 hours before smoothing it out with a screed.

Once the concrete has fully cured, the construction company or yourself can remove the forms and admire your new stairs. Hiring a concrete company for your project is an excellent way to save time, as they are experts in creating and pouring concrete.
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Pouring for Parking Lots

Parking lots are more complicated than they appear, requiring considerations beyond simply laying a patch of concrete over a vast area. Critical factors to consider when pouring concrete for a parking lot project include the thickness of the concrete, drainage spots, and surface traction. All of these are essential for ensuring safe usage of the parking lot, devoid of faults from drainage issues.
Fortunately, a concrete company can assist with pouring concrete for a parking lot. When hired, the company will evaluate the parking lot design to determine surface level and drainage areas. Prior to this, the construction company will have created the necessary dimensions and forms for concrete pouring.

The concrete company will pour the concrete to the exact specifications required for the parking lot. Although similar to pouring a flat surface, the equipment used is different, with tower cranes commonly used for larger spaces like parking lots to facilitate quicker results.

The concrete company will use a 3D laser screed to profile the exact slope of the parking lot during the concrete smoothing process. This technology is preferred because it provides accurate data on whether the parking lot is level, making the screed efficient in profiling the surface of the concrete.

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